Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I apologize for not being quite as chatty.  I've just been comfortable and chill the past few days.  Well, not really, but I've fallen into that "whatever" mood that hits every once in a while.  One of those moods where things are going to happen and I'm choosing to not stress over it because it essentially doesn't matter, especially when I compare my current happenings to those around me.

Monday was lovely...mostly.  The Nova was acting strange...the idle was too fast and wouldn't drop, even when putting the car into gear.  Ryan thought it was overheating so I went home to get him, he dropped me off at work, and he took the Camry to work.  He picked me up at 5:30 and I suggested we go to the store "now, since we're already out and about" because I hate having to go back out to the store after I get home and relaxed, and we usually end up being out too late.  When we got home, I put away groceries and started on dinner.  I got jalapeno juice in the cut on my finger (chef's knife got me while doing dishes Sunday) so he offered to take over chopping.  While dinner cooked we dismantled the old computer desk and I cleaned the carpet.  We then ate dinner and Ryan asked if he could help with dinner, dishes, or something.  I'm not sure where this sudden need to spoil me came from, but I wasn't complaining.  The kitchen was already 95% clean thanks to trying to clean as we used dishes, and we had clean clothes for work so I told him not to bother with the laundry.  I just wanted to spend some time with him and watch Dr. Who.  It was sweet of him to ask, though.

I try to keep in mind that he puts in his share of chores.  Household tasks often feel one sided, so I try to remind myself that he participates in ways he knows how.  He feeds the cats, puts up dinner for next day leftovers, takes out the trash, and rolls it out to the road, etc.  He helps to pick up dishes around the house, and if I feel overwhelmed with dishes, laundry, cooking, etc, he's always willing to help.

Yesterday, we thought we were going to have another Nova issue, but we decided that the cold was to blame for Monday's episode so Ryan went ahead and took the Nova without any further problems.  He was napping when I got home so I tried to take advantage of napping time also, but couldn't sleep so I got back up and took a shower while he slept.  I woke him so we could figure out what we wanted for dinner and so we could put up our Halloween decorations.  Yea, we're running late this year.  We were going to put up the new desk in the office, but decided against it after eating dinner as we were both fatigued.  I haven't been sleeping well, as usual, and we've both just worn ourselves out running all over the place.

Last night, as I began to work on dinner, I grabbed our chef's knife to chop some broccoli.  I said something like, "I should sharpen this real quick.  It felt pretty jagged when it got me the other day", referring to cutting my finger while doing dishes.  I realized after he walked away, nauseous, that I should have better chosen my words.  Now I sound like a serial killer.  Awesome.

I have two and a half days until the weekend.  It will drag anxiously as I prepare to go to Bristol on Monday.  I will miss my coworkers, but change is upon us and I must embrace it!

I hope you guys have a happy and safe Halloween!

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