Friday, October 19, 2012

Always Tempting

But I wouldn't be able to live with myself.  Do you remember that "Friday" song by Rebecca Black. IS Friday.  But, like I said, I would have to have one of you shoot me for posting it so I'm just going to say "It's Friday! Woo!".

I can't say I'm entirely thrilled about it being Friday, though, because tomorrow is Saturday, and I am ready for Saturday to be over with.  I only say that because I don't want to wake up at 6am on a Saturday if I don't really really have to, but, unfortunately, I do.  We're going to Gatlinburg tomorrow.  We are "supposed" to be there by 9am to jump in line for an autograph or something.  This means I have to get up at 6 so we can get ready, eat breakfast, and take off.  I'm sure it will be fun and exciting, but right now it is sounding super unappealing.  I need to do some Christmas shopping, too.

Ryan and I spent most of yesterday talking after work...well, after our naps.  Around 11 we went to the store (Walmart because Kroger is too expensive and our usual store was closed...supersadface).  It was surprisingly tolerable thanks to constant commentary provided by yours truly.  We forgot to eat before we left so when we got home at 12:30am I had some grapes for dinner because I still wasn't all that hungry.  I highly considered ice cream with homemade peanut butter sauce, but decided against it for allergy and digestive reasons.  I was happily under my calories for yesterday.  Also, still sane :)

Combining bed time at 2am and today being my early day at work, I'm struggling for energy.  I've been keeping shelf stable creamer at work for my coffee, but pumpkin spice is out and requires refrigeration so I made 2 cups of coffee at home, put it in a thermos, and drove to work.  I grew sad when I realized I drank all of my coffee during the 11 minute drive to work.  I should bring water next time.  It's apparently really easy to mindlessly drink a beverage while driving to work.  This would certainly help get my hydration levels up!  Unfortunately, it has left me in an interesting funk today...mentally wired, but so physically tired my eyes hurt.  Lame.

I hope you guys have a good weekend!


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a busy day (as usual). I hope your trip is safe and enjoyable.

    1. I'm hoping busy equates to more calories burned :D