Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, New Ways

Initially I told myself that I would not make a resolution because I never keep them.  It seems that everyone is talking about wanting to lose weight.  This was what kept coming to mind when  thinking about *my* resolution, but in thinking about it, being overweight is a symptom.  I'm overweight because I eat too much processed garbage.  I theorize that I am overweight because I stress too much.  My weight is a symptom of my not taking care of myself as I should.

I watched Hungry for Change.  It is a documentary about the "food" we eat.  Most of the stuff on the shelves are food products...not actual food.  They are so full of chemicals and void of nutrients that our bodies don't recognize it.  Also, according to the documentary, 80% of that "food" has a flavor enhancer (not just MSG) to make it addictive so we keep buying the product.  I mean, that's the whole reason for the large businesses to make to fill their greedy pockets.  They are not interested in the health of their customers.

Also in this documentary, they discussed stress.  When your body is under stress it releases cortisol.  Cortisol is a natural steroid.  Steroids make it near impossible to lose weight no matter how little you eat. This is why most people who take steroids for pain, such as Prednisone, gain weight, even naturally thin people who have not changed their habits.  They also stated that the best way for your body to metabolize cortisol is in deep sleep.  So, I am trying to stay calm (much easier said than done...I've stopped drinking coffee for the most part to avoid being irritable) and I refuse to feel bad about napping, especially if I did not sleep well the night before.

I am not telling myself that I cannot have something.  Instead, I focus on adding the good stuff, as it helps to crowd out the bad.  I remind myself that plants are wonderful and healthy.  I have already noticed a decline in craving for lesser healthy foods.  A friend reintroduced me to smoothies.  I have an amazing blender.  I should be using it!  I have been packing my lunch box with produce, including higher calorie foods such as avocados to keep me satisfied throughout the work day.

Something I noticed in my efforts to include more produce is that I tend to buy more than I can eat.  Instead of simply being sad and sending it to the compost, I am using it as an opportunity to intake more nutrients through juicing.  If it's something that can go in a smoothie, I shall freeze chop and freeze it.  This was probably and obvious solution to the rest of you, but it just occurred to me last night ;)

I need breakfast suggestions.  I tend to do better with a heavier breakfast.  I wish oats kept me as full as they should, but they simply don't.  I LOVE oats, but they run out quickly, and sometimes they upset my stomach.  I guess it will just be an adjustment period as I *used* to eat oats for breakfast.  I like the idea of eating as raw as possible, so I will probably throw together overnight oats.  This will also speed up my morning routine by not having to cook anything, woo!

I hope everyone is doing well.  Work  Financially we're making it work for us.  That reminds me, any frugal living ideas out there?  I'm in the process of removing chemicals from the house and making my own cleaners, etc.  Any others ideas would be wonderful!