Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I got home yesterday and realized the my kitchen looked like a tornado hit it.  I wasn't home pretty much at all Sunday, and I didn't think we had used that many dishes on Saturday, but the proof is there.  It was clean Friday night, even perhaps Saturday morning, but the extent of dirty dishes was harshly revealed yesterday.  I didn't touch them.  Nor did I do laundry, but we thankfully had clothes for today.  I was just so heart broken that it killed my cleaning mood so I sat on the couch and read my book, made dinner, watched Doctor Who, and read my book further until I fell asleep...on the couch, to not be woken up apparently.

When I talked to Ryan this morning, he said he tried to wake me.  He asked me if I had an alarm set and I said yes, but he knew I didn't so he sat my ipod next to me in case I actually did have an alarm set.  I woke up at 5 something and THEN I set my alarm.  I slept until almost 8 and it was glorious.  I have forgone excessive makeup and breakfast in favor of sleep and my morning are much less stressful because of this.  I do wish, however, that I had woken up around the 7 mark instead of 5 because I feel like I could have actually worked out this morning, but didn't because it was still too early and I knew I wouldn't dare wake up just an hour or two after going back to sleep.  Either way, I'm super happy for a restful night's sleep :)

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