Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What a Morning!

Ryan woke me up, after I had fallen asleep on the couch, to come to bed last night (early this morning?...not sure what time) so I got up, brushed my teeth, crawled in bed, and feel asleep.  Or so I thought.  I woke up still on the couch, because I never actually woke up!  I REALLY thought I had, but I guess not.  I was apparently tired enough that not having a blanket and freezing wouldn't wake me up.  While Ryan DID try to wake me (I remembered that correctly...still don't know what time it was), I just up.  Thanks to my awesome biological clock, I woke up on time without an alarm.  Nice.

I got up, did something with my hair (something I never do), did my makeup (which I always try to do), got dressed and left for work (after telling Ryan about me being convinced that I had gotten up and went to bed).  I opted out of breakfast this morning.  Partly because I didn't have time to make anything, didn't want to spend the money on fast food, and I just didn't want to eat.

I was SO excited because I was in the work parking lot at 8:54am, even with a construction detour.  My shift starts at 9.  I'm ALWAYS at least two, if not 8 minutes late.  It was a miracle!  Or so I thought.  I heard my phone was Ryan.  He has locked himself out of the house.  We only live 11 minutes away.  So instead of being early I was going to be 20 minutes late.  Anway, I leave immediately to head back home and there's a train where I need to cross.  Then the train STOPPED MOVING.  Really?!?!?!  I text my coworker the hilariousness and a picture to go with it.  I get home, keys are retrieved, I take off, and I hear my phone again.  It's Ryan "Yes, really".  My left brake light is out.  And I had to stop for three squirrels on the way back to work because they all tried to commit suicide at the same time.  I kid you not.  That was my morning, before I even got to work.

I know I said I opted out of breakfast, but that was a small lie.  My mom brought me lunch (planned and excited), but she offered me some peanut butter crackers and a Special K Bar when she got here.  I've eaten the crackers, but not the bar or lunch yet.  I'm really wanting to make coffee just so I can enjoy my creamer because I would look silly drinking them straight from their little cups...and it would be way too potent and sweet.  But, I'm partly too lazy to drag the coffee pot all the way downstairs, and risk spilling it on a computer while pouring it into the coffee machine, to actually make some.  I'll probably give in soon.  I really wanted coffee last night, but it was 9pm and that's just never a good idea.

Oh, I got batteries for our old Canon so I can get better pictures than my phone pictures so I had a picture of dinner (which was delicious), but I forgot the cable to transfer the images to the computer.  Figures.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Hope your day is as exciting as mine has been :D

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