Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weeks, Not Weekends

This week is flying by as quickly as the weekend!  I'm glad, though.  It keeps me preoccupied and mostly productive.  Woot!

Last night we had an almost vegan was at least vegetarian.  The corn bread had milk in it.  I didn't have eggs so I relied on my Ener G egg replacer.  I forget I have it, but remembering it's there makes me want to try making vegan cakes/desserts.  You obviously can't scramble it but check this out.  If you bake a lot it's the equivalent of 113 eggs for 3 or 4 dollars vs buying 113 *good* eggs at minimum $3 a dozen for $28 total.  Vegan is cheap...or can be!  I also have a stock pile of dry beans so I cooked a bunch to have with lunch during the week as protein.  Side note:  I'm not turning vegan or anything.  I still enjoy my meat choices, but I'm craving them less and playing with other foods options is fun for me.  Also, as I stated, it's cheaper :)

Anyway, dinner was scratch made corn bread, potatoes, and beans.  Classic.  We were going to have spinach, but I apparently neglected the spinach I had and it was beyond usable so no greens :(   I'm not sure why I was craving comfort food, but calories were decent, and it was quite nutrient appropriate...roughly 10g each of fiber and a little more than 10g protein.  It was sufficient for my current mood and lack of substantial hunger.  That is seriously the best corn bread recipe I've used.  I hate dry corn bread.  Interestingly enough, I used to hate pinto beans and, especially, cornbread growing up.  This recipe made a really moist bread and now I'm growing fond of the beans.  It took loving other types of beans to learn appreciation for the pintos.  I think it helps that I cook them at home instead of from a can.  I didn't eat them for years after not liking them while growing up, but now we're best friends!  Also, in regards to the corn bread, I had legitimate ground corn meal and not that premixed corn meal + flour stuff made for corn bread recipes so it had a wonderful crunchy, grainy-ness to it.  Marvelous!

AND I made a level headed food decision.  I served small portions of food, went into the kitchen when I was finished with that, bypassed the food in the pans, and put my plate in the sink.  There was no picking, no seconds, AND I didn't have a panic attack over it.  It happened, it was done.  I put the food up and didn't think about it.  Progress.  I'm making it.

Corn meal note: I have yet to try to make my own corn tortillas from scratch.  If it weren't so time consuming, I would even grind the corn from scratch :D  I still want to make my own cheese, too...ok, I'm rambling.  Have a good day!!

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