Monday, October 15, 2012

Stuff I Forgot to Tell You!

I forgot the most eventful part of this weekend!  But, first, I need to go back to Friday night which wasn't as uneventful as I remembered.  We tried Buffalo Wild Wings.  In efforts to broaden my...palate, and in trying to be more open to Ryan's "needs", we shared something I normally cringe at.  We ordered wings (bone in) and when the waiter asked what dressing, I said blue cheese.  Ryan wouldn't stop staring at me.  Here's the thing.  I don't eat wings.  They weird me out.  I do, however, love buffalo sauce.  I mostly don't like wings because of the cartilage, dark meat, and other "gross" things.  I don't like blue cheese, but after finding my love for feta, I figure other pungent cheese shouldn't be that bad.  I didn't love the wings, but they weren't so bad after I stopped thinking about the gross things I don't like about them.  I kept reminding myself that bones and things are normal.  I mean, I eat beef, etc, why should wings be different?  Also, like I said, I'm trying to keep Ryan's "needs" in mind.  He shouldn't have to be denied his favorites because I'm being a pansy, and we split the meal for finances sake.  It's okay, though, he made up for it Saturday night.

The thing I forgot to tell you!!  I took my veggie scraps for compost out and noticed three police cars camped out in front of my neighbor's house.  I didn't think much about it, except that they came from both directions on our street.  I went inside and stopped being nosy.  Then I heard a tap on my kitchen window.  I dismissed it as me being paranoid.  It wouldn't freak me out so bad if the massive expanse of our back yard wasn't pitch black at night.  I heard a noticeable tap again.  I try not to be that "honey, kill the spider" type of wife, but considering it was dark out, I called for Ryan to check it out.  First he pulls up the blinds.  Why?  I don't know!  It's not like you can actually see outside while it's dark outside and bright inside.  He left the blinds open for the creeper to see into my kitchen and goes outside to stand in the lighted up driveway to peek into the backyard.  I rush into the kitchen, close the blinds, and went outside with him.  He says, "there's someone back there", and sure enough when I peek around the corner there is a man crouched down in the dark closer to the other side of the house.  I freaked out and ran back inside, but realized I left my husband out there by himself with a dangerous man so I yelled for Micah to join him.

The police were still there and while I didn't want to turn in a man on the run for my own safety sake (I'm pretty sure my neighbors are involved with drugs, etc)  I liked the idea of a creeper in my backyard even less so I approached the officer and told him, to which he responds ever so calmly, "oh, must be the one that ran out the back door when we got here.  He probably got the wrong house."  No kidding...wait...what?  Wrong house?  I went inside to check on dinner (cooking on the stove), but became nervous because that man was still in the backyard and I wasn't absolutely positive whether or not he was going to try to break in, and if so, whether or not ALL of my windows were locked.  I was also checking the curtains to make sure they were all closed, but I wasn't convinced so I went outside with everyone else where I was "safe".

So, we're (5 of us) in my driveway watching the officer go behind my garage with a flashlight and some guy jumps out from behind our house and stumbles across the driveway, staring at us, confused, like an animal that's been tranquilized.  This scared me more than the tapping on the window because I was just a few feet from where he walked out.  As it turns out he has a gash across his head, and he may or may not have be drunk, but we think the open hole in his head was affecting his ability to move and communicate (this means he wasn't dangerous, just frightening in the dark).  As far as I know, it wasn't anything actually scary.  Some of the neighbors were even laughing.  The officers were just trying to find him to get him medical attention.

I don't know how the whole thing got started or why there were three police cars.  I don't know how this man received a gash like he did.  In two years, that has been the only exciting event to happen around our house, so I'm not TOO put off when I really think about the situation.  Even the quietest neighborhoods have excitement every once in a while.  We used to live in the bad part of town, so this was mild, but after being away from it for so long, this kind of stuff really freaks me out.  I don't see how we lived around it for the three years prior, but I'm very happy to be away from it now...except for Saturday night, of course.

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