Friday, October 12, 2012

There's a Bug in My Coffee :(

And a fly buzzing around.  Wtf.  I don't even know how a fly got up here or survives in this office.  I mean, we're upstairs with a tiny screened in window, and we don't have food sitting around.  Thankfully they have a short life span so I shouldn't see it in a few hours :D

My eyebrows are looking wonky today.  Experts say they don't have to look the same.  "They're sisters, not twins".  Mine don't even look like they come from the same gene pool right now.  My left brow has this weird horizontal gap (very thin line, at least), which I suppose is better that a vertical gap, but really, I'm too young for gaps.  (That's what she said *cough cough*).  I should have gone nude in the face today, but I woke up pretty red and splotchy and we have corporate guests, so makeup was much needed...except for my eyebrows, apparently.

I was talking to Ryan about the lights on the nova.  Even after replacing the bulb the middle two lights don't work.  Let's say these are my headlights   [+][+]...[+][+]  where "+" means they're dark, not lit up.  The middle two don't light up in any situation.  Not in reverse.  Not with head lights.  Not with the brakes on.  I'm starting to sound like a poorly written Dr. Seuss book.  Anyway, with lights that work, it looks like this [ ][+]...[+][ ]  I was trying to explain this to Ryan, but was not very clear so in his explanation of what "should" be happening he starts with, "there are four lights".  I should have said,"there are five lights", but got too excited and said "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS" in the most Patrick Stewart voice I could gather.

Man, I love Patrick Stewart.  I would love to sit and have a cup of "earl grey, hot" with Captain Picard.  Yum.  Er...the tea...of course O.o

In efforts to redeem myself of my leftovers I had for lunch, we had a really simple, but still delicious dinner.  We made burgers made with 90% lean beef.  I almost hit my head on the refrigerator after I jumped from excitement when I opened the crisper drawer to check for sides and found GRAPES.  So exciting.  I FINALLY caught them on sale.  Our crisper drawer is opaque white instead of clear so I often forget what's in there.  Everyday is a little party because of this....until I find a half eaten cucumber that was forgotten and is now slimy mush :/  However, imagine my excitement when I found kale also.  I think kale chips are on the menu tonight.  I also used lettuce instead of a bread bun because bread was just unappealing after all the carbs at lunch.  The color in the image is really bad so I'm not going to post it, but 1/3 of my small plate was my little burger wrap, and the other 2/3 was a bunch of red grapes (an actual bunch, not just a randomized term to describe a large number).  Phone image + fluorescent lighting.  I'm not sure why the green on the lettuce is more off than the other colors.  Perhaps someone could enlighten me on photography in fluorescent lighting.

This is awful, but on the way to work this morning I saw a bunch of white bags on the side of the road with vehicles and flashing lights.  I immediately thought there had been a horrific accident.  As it turns out it was a bunch of city workers with bags of dirt working on the landscaping.  Then I heard sirens and thought I had somehow jinxed someone with my misinformed thoughts.  Then I realized that was a silly thought, parked the car, and clocked in.

!!! That fly is after my purse!!!

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