Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I just realized that a few posts ago I was talking about how coffee holding off hunger helps me rationalize my food choices instead of just grabbing what I want without thinking about it.  Then I said I had pie for dinner, which totally sounded irrational, but I promise.  It was well thought out.

Remember my tornado of a kitchen?  I totally went home and tackled that.  It's not amazing yet, but it looks much better than it did.  I got two loads of laundry done, and two loads of dishes.  I also got the sketch of my painting done so I can start the actual painting part.  I forgot that the pants I wanted to wear were supposed to be included in the third load of laundry that never got washed so I'm wearing the same pants again today.  Clean, but the same.  Sad.

Has anyone else noticed the calories printed directly on McDonald's menu?  Back story.  I left the house early so I could get in a quick walk before work.  On the way to work (where I planned on walking) I realized that I was I would have gotten sick if I had tried walking on an empty stomach type of starving so I went through McDonald's for a dollar menu hit up.  I was going to get the sausage mcmuffin (hate those silly names) which I knew was 370 calories and thought that to be the lower calorie option compared to the rest of the dollar food items.  I saw 300 posted next to the sausage burrito AND it came with "hot picante" sauce.  So exciting!  Melty cheesy goodness in a tortilla tastes better than the dry mcmuffin anyday AND it had 70 less calories.  I didn't really look at anything else so now I'm wondering if there's an even lower calorie option.  Whatever, 300, minus calories for my walk, is definitely a good breakfast balance.  I am pleased.  It's all about living in the real world, right?  Well, ideally I would avoid McDonald's, but in my rush and desperation to get some sort of walk in before my shift, I'm okay with it.

I should also mention, that I've gotten to work a few minutes early 3 of the past 4 days and on time once.  4 days in a row?  That's almost a whole work week.  I don't think I've ever not been late for a whole work week.  Turning over a new leaf ;)

Hoping your Wednesday is awesome!  Make good choices.

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