Friday, October 5, 2012

Wondering Who Follows me on Twitter

I really hope none the my higher authority member from work do.  Or anyone important from a potential future employers.  Or, if they do, I hope they have a sense of humor.  Or, maybe they should follow me and not hire me so I don't end up working for some snot faced jerk.  These are the kinds of conversations I have over social media.  I don't think she'll mind me sharing.  If so, I'm sorry, Shannon!  It's not bad.  But, like I said, corporate members of "highly respected" companies may not approve :)

Shannon: I’m pretty certain that I’ve never heard the word “orgasm” uttered with such frequency in class before.
Me: Which class?
Shannon: science in the modern world.
Me: Ah.  I was kind of hoping for a class totally unrelated to orgasms.  Just for irony sake :P
Shannon: Yeah. It’s still kind of awkward, because he asked “what’s the function of the female orgasm?”
Shannon: I immediately thought f(orgasm) all math like, first guy said “there is no function, it’s a gift from god”
Me:  Hahah. How oldish is the professor?
Shannon: 30s?
Me:  Hahahahah That’s awesome
Shannon: and now he’s talking about the frequency of female orgasma.  Its awkwaaaard in here…
Me: frequency?  Starting to sound like math to me!
Shannon: and now…he’s talking about how penguins are “short-sighted”. I love having a British professor!
Me: Omg, he’s British?! :D
Me: Excuse me while I saw that a man with an accent like that can talk about orgasms all he wants ;)
Shannon: yes! It would only be more awesome if every 3rd word wasn’t “uh”
Shannon: that’s partially why I was feeling awkward…  *blush*
Me: Ugh, “uh” every third word definitely kills the excitements :(
Shannon: and now we’ve gone from female orgasms, to penguins, and now male nipples… :/
Me: Very…diverse


  1. Your life is more interesting than mine, apparently!

    1. Hah! My friends are what make it so. Sometimes I wish life were just a bit less interesting...or maybe not. I can sometimes bore quite easy.

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