Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend? What weekend?

Don't get me wrong.  This weekend was LOADS of fun.  Ridiculously awesome, in fact.  It just flew by!  I don't know where it went!

I honestly don't remember much from Friday.  I apparently forgot to log dinner so I don't even have a reference for where to begin.  Is it sad that I more easily remember events of the day based on what I ate???  That's a little obsessive and sad that food is my time line reference.

Anyway, Saturday, I went to put front tires on the Nova!  Most of my tires are balding so my mom bought me front tires.  She bought black letter tires because white letter tires are much more expensive so we got 205 black letter tires.  Well..."she", not "we".  When I got there, the man said he had forgotten about two white letter tires that someone had ordered, but never came to get, and they were 215s.  He gave me the white letter tires for the same price that my mom paid for the black letter tires so he wouldn't have to send them back.  He also brought up that the bigger tire will be safer for me when winter gets here.  So nice of him!  The Nova feels SO MUCH better on the road now...probably only because the tires are actually the same size...probably also because I know the car is safer with good tires on it so I'm not totally terrified to drive it.  Either way, it's amazing.

I was supposed to go to Walmart to pick up my prescription, but didn't actually need it until Sunday so I opted out of going because I despise Walmart, even though I knew I would have to eventually go because no other pharmacy in town carries my prescription :(  Our friends came over...the ones that bribe us with food to use our washer and dryer.  Yea, those grilled cheese sandwiches were AMAZING.  I think they came over around 2pm, but ended up staying through dinner so we all (three more joined us later in the day) had burgers and stuff for dinner.  I can't remember what sides...oh, rice pilaf, beans, and something else I can't remember.  I had a burger and the thing I can't remember and opted out of the rice and beans.  Oh!!!  Duh.  Coconut shrimp! How could I forget something as awesome as coconut shrimp?!  Oh, probably because I didn't log it.  Nur.

Before our latter friends joined us, I got to play Donkey Kong while drinking half a bottle of wine.  So. Much. Fun.  I was apparently quite entertaining.  I ended up narrating the game while playing to help me focus and stop wasting 10+ lives on each level.  Love Donkey Kong, and the fact that I have friends who will play it with me :D

Our all day guests stayed until about midnight and our others guests stayed later.  I'm not sure what time because I totally went to sleep.

Sunday I woke up, got ready, tackled Walmart for my prescription, went home, chopped fruits and veggies for dinner, then went to our friend's house to celebrate his birthday!  Yay!  We were there from 2 until about 10.  They played Halo while I watched because I suck at Halo.  The one time I played, they put me in charge of the Warthog because there's "nothing to it".  I drove us off a cliff.  I can't even remember where the cliff came from.  Side note:  I definitely just tried to spell warthog with another "h".  Wharthog.  What?

We also watched lots of the Big Bang Theory.  One of the most clever shows ever created.  If I could afford it, I would have cable just so I could watch it.  I love it that much.  That's about it outside of dinner.  Oh, we watched the Avengers again.  I forgot how great that movie was.  So good!

And that was my weekend.  It was filled with fun and productive things, but all that fun caused time to fly way too quickly and now it's Monday.  A rainy Monday, no doubt.  But, that's okay.  I'm loving this rainy autumn day :)


  1. I like the tire story. What a nice man!

    1. He was super nice! He came out looking a little worried and said "here's what I'm gonna do" and I thought "oh no! It's going to be another Sears incident!" because Sears refused to put new tires on for us, but then he gave me the really awesome news :D