Thursday, November 1, 2012

May the Force Be With You!

Or, me, rather.  I spoke to the Dean of Admissions today.  He was so nice and made me feel super welcome.  I've never felt that at ETSU.  He said that the fun of his job is getting to evaluate peoples' situations.  I'm apparently not the only person in the situation I'm in.  That's truly comforting.  I have to pay off my things at ETSU to get my transcripts transferred.  Depending on how many grades transfer, I could start out as a sophomore instead of a freshman.  This means less money spent toward a private school tuition, and less time spent getting my degree from them.  

As soon as I arrived to the campus, I loved it.  Everything is so small and cozy.  I asked how many students there were.  Roughly 500.  LOVE IT.  The campus is small so there will be no more of this 20 minute walk to class nonsense.  No more fighting for parking.  All of the staff were super friendly and helpful.  I also never experienced that at ETSU with exception of a select few professors, but never someone in administration.  

He said that even if my grades aren't that great at ETSU (depression and lack of knowing where your heading really kills your momentum and motivation), he looks at a person's situation and gets to know the students better.  I may or may not have starting tearing up talking about wanting to work with horses.  I'm such a pansy :P  He said I would be one of those cases where he would pass me through even if my grades were sub par since I had an obvious passion, drive, and goal for being a student there.  He also stated that my writing seemed very eloquent in our email correspondence so writing skills and critical thinking shouldn't be a problem as far as their standards go.  I didn't realize they were a selective, tiny, private school six and a half years ago when I applied.  I just applied because they had a program I was looking at during the time frame, but I've told you about all of that.

There are very few buildings, and they are very close together.  The architecture is absolutely gorgeous.  I love old buildings.  So awesome.  The campus itself is pretty.  I hate being part of a school with such a large student population like at ETSU.  It was part of what made it miserable for me.  I look forward to getting to know the professors and students who will be with me during my journey there.  There is a 10:1 student/professor ratio.  The Dean's psychology class only has 3 people in it!  Talk about one on one discussion and learning :D  I used to think I liked being passed over in the larger lecture type classes, but I really do learn better when I'm more involved.

I get to go to the barn on Saturday to watch people audition for scholarships.  I didn't realize you could get scholarships based on horseback riding.  So cool!  


I just want to get everything situated so I can start going!!!!!

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