Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Brakes Brake and Stuff

I went to my dad's yesterday to finish up immediate repairs on the Nova.  He replaced the brake line (the rubber part that splits to the back two brakes) and he adjusted the brakes because they had too much "give".  Upon inspecting the brakes to adjust them (drum brakes, gross) he discovered a loose part.  Not good.  He also discovered that someone had installed the brakes wrong.  They didn't seem to affect performance (I'm not sure how the brake shoe works), but my dad was insistent on arranging them properly.  He also attached a metal bar where the interior handle used to be (the foam dry rotted and the handle tore off...oops), but as I was rolling up my window to leave, the window only rolled up half way all of a sudden.  I yelled for my dad and he signaled to gas the car because he thought I was yelling about the idle.  I've been driving the car almost two years.  I know how to deal with it's quirks so I kept yelling for him (I was already buckled in the car and didn't want to get back out since I was trying my hardest to leave) and showed him the window.  So he adjusted the screws and the window rolled up again.

I finally got home around 7:15, took a shower, and plopped down in bed to read my magazine (free trials, woo).  They had interviews from the first lady candidates.  I'm kind of ashamed with how Good Housekeeping arranged their interviews.  They had questions that made Michelle look intelligent and practical...which she notably is, but they had the questions set up to make Romney's wife look ditzy and childish.  At first I negatively thought, "the country expects HER to be a first lady?!" because of my personal political preference, but suddenly felt bad after taking a more objective view on the article.  She is probably perfectly capable and intelligent, but the questions were framed in a way that accentuated her short comings.  Not cool, GH.  Not cool.  So much for keeping a non biased view for the public (as if anyone does).

After ranting to Ryan about the article, we decided we should probably have some sort of dinner before it became too late for a proper "meal time".  Neither Ryan or myself were really all that hungry so we had a spread of left overs from various nights.  I had a few ounces of ham and a rather small portion of mashed potatoes and a larger portion of green beans, while he had a bit of everything.  I *wanted* a bit of everything, but wasn't all that hungry and my calories were running out for the day so I made a mindful decision to take what I did.  It ended up being almost too much so I was quite glad and didn't feel deprived or anything.  So proud of myself :)

I hope you guys have had a good week so far!

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