Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something in the Water?

So, last night was almost worse than yesterday morning.  It was a simple morning.  Something goes wrong, I tell him whats wrong and leave...essentially, between all the dramatics.  I come home, think he's in the bathroom so I crash on the couch to nap because I'm so sleepy after 3am wake up calls.  Later when I wake up I go in the bedroom to wake him up from his nap (his sleep schedule is as bad as mine) and end up wasting and hour sitting there in silence just waiting for him to say something.  I'm clueless and don't know what the problem is because it was mostly resolved this morning so I reiterate that "I didn't mean to turn on the A/C, just the fan".

Still no word from him.  Turns out he's all nervous because he thought he upset me.  He was never in the bathroom because as soon as he heard me come in the house after work he disappeared into the computer room.  Dramatics, I say!  This is what I live with on a daily basis.  You'd think he belongs in a theater or something with his shows.  An hour of silence that I could have been doing laundry or dishes, but no!  I'm waiting on sappy husband to say something.  I was really fed up and tired of always being the one to respond to his issues and never to be the one asked about how I'm feeling.  It's ridiculous.  We do this every several months, thankfully less than we used to so that's progress, right?

He finally said he didn't mean to upset me by reacting the way he did.  Yes, it took and hour for him to say that and it all to be over with.  Then I was starving because my nervousness finally disappeared and made me realize that I was also sick to my stomach because I was hungry and not just upset or irritated.  Silly, I know.  I try to stay calm when talking to him, but I never know what theatrics he's going to pull so I always get nervous and anxious waiting for him to talk.

Not much else happened.  Oh!  I reiterated the 3am wake up call thing again and he woke me up at 1:20 instead.  Not great, but much better than 3 :)

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