Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Bits of Energy

I think I need more fruits and veggies in my life.  I'm been feeling sluggish.  Yesterday was the most energetic I've been in a while.  I think it's just too many carbs, not enough actual nutrients...maybe not enough water.

Anyway, I FINALLY got new shoes! :D

I REALLY wanted these for their color, but they weren't on sale.

I settled for the teal because they're the EXACT same shoe, just different color, and these were actually on sale (clearance, woo!), which I still love as far as fit and support goes, but I can't wear them with everything like I can the grey ones.  

I'm having second thoughts, though.  I mean, any time we go out on long foot trips, I have to wear my tennis shoes, and the teal really won't match anything so I'll be stuck wearing not so comfy shoes.  Blah.  So silly.

I'm having some serious allergy issues, too.  I think it's the office.  My nose is stopped up, but all of my membranes are DRY...eyes included.  Nonsense!

This weekend should prove to be most eventful, hoping along the lines of exciting and not so much the lines of stressful :)

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Make good choices ;)

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