Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I just ordered my Fitbit!  Hoorah!  Cause this girl has a birthday next week ;)

This week has been pretty great so far!  The weekend was fun, and the week has been...well, it hasn't been bad.  I got home yesterday to find Ryan mowing the yard (not and easy feat....took him 1.5 hours) so instead of sitting on my arse ASAP (guilt) I cleaned house!  Dishes, cat box, sweeping, organizing, etc.  We took a short nap (I know I said they were then enemy, but it WAS short and not hours), made barbecue buffalo chicken sandwiches with leftover grilled chicken from Sunday...not much barbecue on the chicken, but plenty of buffalo, and some crispy potatoes, yum.  I didn't have much room for dinner, but that's fine by me!  Normally I can't stop eating :/

After watching Doctor Who, I played piano for a bit, then we worked on a painting!  I was surprised when Ryan asked for my help, but it was fun :)...cause keeping cats out of paint is definitely fun...not.  They've been extra cute and fun this week. I got Tango to sit on the piano bench next to me instead of getting on the keys in my face.

He isn't normally comfortable being so close (sitting next to me, not being on the piano...didn't get a picture of that), but he's slowly getting more brave...after almost 7 years.  He's still afraid of a number of things, but now he's getting big boy issues and has to assert himself more often (making himself alpha over Kurumi if he can help it)...he talks nonstop, which is sometimes cute, but not at 3am.  I can't believe he'll be 7 in December.  I still think of them as little!..probably because they act it.

Phone photos suck, sorry.  I also apologize for reposted photos ;P

Playing in the cabinets...I used to think it was just Tango who played in the cabinets...I guess not.

Doing laundry together...sort of.  She climbs in the dryer as soon as I open it:

Just being cute, sleeping on my tummy, purring, and "kneading" like she does.

Never far from my side when in the kitchen!

This morning has been productive as well.  I managed to wake up, get ready, take out some trash, make breakfast and pack lunch, AND check my car fluids before leaving for work!  AND I was here on time!  Amazing, I know.

Here's hoping the week continues to be as awesome!  Well, productive, at least.

Also, remember soldiers today as it IS 09/11.  I'm a horrible American and it took reading other blogs to realize what day it was :(  In my defense, I was 10 years old when it happened and it's been 11 years since.  I know it's not a valid excuse, but it really is hard for me to remember.  And at least I did realize after reading posts and I wasn't TOTALLY clueless.

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