Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doing it!

The hardest part about this whole weight loss thing is just DOING IT.  I have to get up and do my workout before my brain has time to catch up, other wise I end up not wanting to do it.  This morning was a little different.  I was actually excited about working out.  The worst part about this morning was preparing to workout...things like filling up my water bottle, laying out the yoga mat, folding the blanket to put on top of the yoga mat (because hard wood floors suck and my back/hips/ribs/whatever hate it).  Then putting everything up afterward.  It's prep time that kills it for me, not the workout itself.  How lame is that?

I started the hundred push up/two hundred squats and sit ups thing this morning.  It was somewhat enjoyable (so far)!  The push ups got a little difficult near the end because I have NO upper arm strength.  Seriously, between all of the sets I did a whopping 12 push ups.  That's between five sets with a 60 second rest between each.  That. Is. Sad.  But, that's why I'm doing the get better!  I'm a machine! ;)

I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post or not, but I can probably only put out two actual push ups so this go around I'm doing modified push ups, then when I complete the program with modified, I'll redo it with actual form.  Baby steps!  My squats and sit ups ended up landing me at week three so I've only got four weeks of the program instead of six!  Curious, I'm doing crunches instead of full sit ups...partly because I can't do full sit ups without my bones and back aching and partly because people and the website say that full sit ups simple aren't good for you and really aren't any more effective than a good form crunch.  Do you agree?

Either way, I'm excited and hope to maintain motivation.  Each workout is only a few minutes (23 total minutes, rest breaks and all) so it should be pretty easy to stick to.  I've been taking advantage of the rest breaks to work on flexibility so I'm multitasking since I get bored staring at the ceiling/floor/wall for 60 seconds...because that's a REALLY long minute when you're waiting on it.

Hope you guys are having a happy hump day!  Make good choices :)

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