Friday, August 10, 2012

Not Quite the Crazy Cat Lady

Not yet.  If it weren't for my husband I'd probably have more ;)  They are "our" cats, but Tango definitely favors Ryan in both preference and personality.  Tango is a bit...weird.  I'll share more stories on that later.  He even looks since Ryan has dark hair.  Kurumi is absolutely my cat in preference (though she's growing on Ryan) and personality...more serious and a "problem solver".  She even has spots like me (freckles)!  Anyhoo, pictures!  And why I love my cats <3

Most of these pictures are of Kurumi since Tango is a spaz and won't sit still for pictures.

The far left is my little Kitten and her siblings at a few weeks old.  I still call her Kitten (she comes when called both) and she still acts like she's this small even though she's 6 this year.  It's freaking adorable.  I really think I have the greatest cat ever >.<

Unlike most cats, she doesn't destroy my plants.

She LOVES belly rubs!  She was raised with a dog...and I kind of trained her like a dog.  When she was little I made sure to get her used to being handled.  She even keeps her claws tucked away when we play with my hands!

Tango and Rumi used to watch birds every morning.  This was our old apartment.  I kept the door (giant window) covered with a blanket for warmth purposes.

She loves boxes, especially when "mommy and daddy" carry her around in boxes.

Tango is such a creeper...

She likes hats :D

She gets involved with making bows for Christmas presents!

She helps me do my homework!

Tango being a creeper again.  He used to watch Star Trek with us.  Now he watches Dr. Who!

Kurumi is a total lap cat.  If  there is a lap to be had, she'd in it!...especially if you're a guy.  Total slut.

She kneads when she goes to sleep at night so I have to be sure to trim those daggers!  She sits there all pretty when I trim her nails.  Any other cat (Tango) would tear your face off.  Tango doesn't knead, though, so it's okay that he won't let me hold his paws.

One of her favorite places to sleep...or pretend to sleep.  It certainly makes for a nice neck warmer in the middle of winter.

She has manners.  We typically eat on the couch (I know, bad) and she will not jump on the couch if there is food on our plate.  She jumped up the other day thinking we were done, saw A BITE of food left on Ryan's plate and flipped beans to get back off the couch until he ate it.  I always tell people these stories when they say animals are dumb and don't understand.

Her other favorite place to sleep.  When she sees me heading toward the bedroom, she waits for me to get under cover, then launches herself on me, curls up, and goes to sleep too.  This is what I meant when I said she still acts like she's just a few weeks old <3

And that's it for now! You're all caught up.  More stories and pictures as they come about.  I hope I didn't bore you too much ;)

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