Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Post Has No Creative Title...Sorry

Frankly, because I'm just not feeling that creative today.

Seems appropriate.

Still not feeling well.  I woke up gross, blew my nose for 15 minutes, felt better, and now I feel crappy again.  I'm TRYING to stick to calories, but it's hard when you're sick and tired and looking for energy and comfort.  Yesterday, I slept after work from 6-8:30, woke up, ate dinner, picked up house, crashed at midnight.  Night sleep was crappy since I could't breathe, so I'll probably end up "napping" again after work :/  I'm going to try to make it till bed time without a nap so it won't kill my sleeping pattern...I'm trying to fix that.  Hope you guys have a splendid rest of your day!

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