Friday, August 17, 2012

The Absolute Best Man in My Life

Sent me flowers at work!

Thank you, Daddy!!

I bet you thought they were from my husband.  He runs a super close second ;)

This just made my day :D  And he was super sneaky about it.  I talked to him yesterday, and he asked me about our yard and what sorts of things we were growing.  Then he asked me what sort of plants I had in the house.  I thought it was a *little* odd, but not really that out of the ordinary if you know my dad (he's really proud of his banana trees).  I just HAPPENED to be in reception (I'm normally stuffed in an upstairs office on the other end of the building) when I heard my name.  Best coincidence ever!

Really, though, my dad is awesome.  I know most people say that, but mine is truly amazing.  He is super supportive of my crazy phases and he is super proud of me and tells me how well I'm doing, etc.  He works hard and is good at anything he chooses to do.  If anything *I* am proud of HIM.  He dropped out of high school, but he is doing extremely well for him and his new (sort of....almost 5 years now) family.  He has made sacrifices that I can't even comprehend to make sure I had the very best that he could afford (both my parents did/do).  He works on my car when it decides to break down.  He helps me with tilling my yard for my garden and gives me tips on how to manage handy work.  I say tips because he helps me be a productive person and helps me to "build character", but if I can't do it at the moment or if I'm just not getting it, he'll jump in and save me.  He always encourages me to be brave even when I definitely don't want to be (heights, oy!) and it's finally sticking with me (now that I'm older and understand things better) that I really don't have to be afraid of things I used to be terrified of.

I could go on for hours, but I'll stop there.  I don't talk to him as often as I should, mostly because I typically have a lot to talk about, and I can't be on the phone with constant awkward silence.  I usually wait for him to call me, when I know he has at least a little bit of something to talk about, but last time was too long so I called him.  Big mistake lol.  I got him in the middle of painting a car and was brushed off since there wasn't actually anything to say.  So much for trying to be a good daughter.  I ended up telling him that I was just thinking about him and let him get on with his work.  This week he called me, though, so we actually talked for several minutes.  Somehow he always manages to call during my busy weeks so I'm not totally boring on the phone.  That another thing I love about him.  He's psychic!  It's the only explanation that covers convenient phone conversations AND the flower situation.  Yep.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday!  It's a little cloudy here, but I love it :)

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