Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back With A Vengeance!

I'm feeling loads better after staying home sick yesterday!  When I got bored and had little blips of energy, I practiced piano and violin.  I now have a bruise on my left jaw from my violin.  I seem to recall a similar experience when I first started playing in high school.  I can't believe I've had my violin for 8 years now (14 yrs playing piano)!  Geez, how time flies!

Anyway, I'm very happy with how my piano skills have progressed after not playing in ages.  I'm getting the feel of it again and it feels AMAZING. Oh, how I've missed it!

Here's my 120 year old piano if anyone's interested.  It in rough condition visually, but hey! It was free and it definitely has an antique sound.  I freaking love it!  I don't love that I accidentally broke my heavily used D#/E flat key because now there are empty parts in songs I regularly play :(

I've been eating large amounts of eggs for the past few weeks (they're so easy and filling!), but I burned out so I made a large batch of steel cut oats yesterday and stored it in the fridge so I have oats for the next few days.

In the mix: peaches, blueberries, honey, toasted almonds, and milk.  Not the most amazing picture ever, but at least you got a picture.  It tasted amazing, just fyi.   Also, I cut my hair a few weeks ago.  Thoughts?

It's hot out so I've been putting my hair up quite often which the hubby isn't too fond of.  I know, it's my hair, not his, but I aim to please ;)  I figured fringe would be a great way to offset the awkwardness of my pale skin and large forehead.  I think I look quite strange with no hair:

Hm...maybe not THAT weird, though Kurumi's face is kind of hilarious.  I love that cat.  She's my world.  Obligatory pet post here soon :D  Until then, hope you guys are doing well!

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