Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quiet Sunday at Home

I woke up at 8, had breakfast, and got caught up on blogs that I follow that I forgot about during this week's adjustment period.  After waking Ryan and making a light lunch, I began working on small projects I've been wanting to tackle.

I keep finding earrings and jewelry that I forget I have.  I don't have anywhere to hang them so they are often pushed to the side, even some of my favorite pieces.  Diane got me an earring tree for Christmas last year, and while it's awesome, and I love it, it's just too small to accommodate all of it.  I sewed a wall hanging with a meshy fabric, very antique looking, for my hook earrings.  I will be using the tree for earrings with backs.  I am going to work on necklace and bracelet storage/display next.  I know what I want to do...I just have to do it.

I had apples sitting on the counter from forever ago that are still good.  Apples are amazing like that.  As long as they haven't been bruised, they last a damned long time!  I didn't feel like making pie, partly because I'm too lazy to make and roll the dough...not even the counter, again, after rolling the dough and trying to get the stuck flour off!  Bowls are easy and I wanted apple something, then I thought "Muffins!!"  I've been craving muffins, but didn't know what kind so I googled and found this recipe:

I added 2 tsp cinnamon instead of 1 1/2.  Truth be told, I'm a cinnamon fiend so I would add even more next time...and less sugar.  I might play with whole wheat vs all purpose.  They were still delicious and had plenty of soft apple pieces per bite.  They could even pass for caramel apple muffins thanks to the brown sugar and vanilla.  They're awesome.

Ryan found a coffee pot on Amazon for $10 so Thursday morning (pay day), I'm ordering one!!!  I guess I'll be making lattes for now...after work.  I don't have time for all of that first thing in the morning.

Ryan is raving on and on about how good dinner was, so I guess I'll share what I made.  It's stupid joke.  I prefer to use all natural/organic/yada yada products, but typical commercial brands will work.  It's not the healthiest, so I had smaller portions...we've talked about this before.

I don't know what to call it:


Chicken cut of choice.  I had tenderloins on hand, but I've used breast before, slicing it as needed...if needed...I suppose it depends on how much crust to chicken ratio you want ;)

A container (tupperware, ftw) with ranch dressing in it for dipping

Container with crushed croutons (typically bread crumbs, but I was out), parmesan cheese (2:1.5 ratio ish crumbs to cheese), and a small bit of flour (this I made up tonight...maybe this was the secret ingredient for hubby's raving??).

Heat oven to 425ish degrees (ish because my oven is stupid)
Dip chicken in ranch dressing.
Dip ranched dipped chicken into crouton mixture.
Place coated chicken on a baking sheet that you've greased with your product of choice (I rubbed olive oil on foil since it always didn't stick tonight, though!!!!)
Bake about 20 minutes.  I use a meat thermometer to check the temperature...because my oven is stupid.

That's it, but it's apparently amazing.  I'm not gonna lie...the dressing makes the chicken ridiculously tender, and I feel better baking than frying it.  I've also made it using barbecue sauce instead of ranch.  It was interesting, but still delicious.

I am looking forward to roasted brussels sprouts tomorrow!  We had carrots  I only eat them for variety and because they're good for me.  I wouldn't touch them if it weren't for that...although, they're pretty good after running them through my juicer :)

Oh, I also FINALLY hemmed the curtain in the bathroom.  It was a floor length curtain that my mother in law gave us and it fit the colors in the bathroom, but the window is a half window above the toilet.  For months (since January????) I've had it held up with hair clips to keep it off the toilet paper and out of the way.  Now I have my hair clips back :)

My father in law dropped by today, too.  It's always nice to see him <3

Right now, Micah is over and the guys are watching Forward Unto Dawn.  I guess I'm off to work on my jewelry organization project and to wash dinner dishes...if I can get this cat off my lap.

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