Sunday, November 4, 2012

Productivity, FTW!

I've had a wonderful weekend!  It's been productive and busy, but fun and relaxing at the same time.  I haven't thoroughly enjoyed a weekend in a VERY long time.  It's been a lovely way to prepare for tomorrow.

Friday night we spent the evening putting the finishing touches on cleaning the living room and putting things where they go, or finding things homes.  My sister in law gave us her old desk so she could free up room in their apartment, and since our old desk was beyond needing replacement, we happily took it, and are very thankful for her generosity.  Really, we're near broke with all of our bills, and she buys me coffee.  I owe her big time <3

Saturday I slept in, ran errands (breakfast, then grocery) in preparation for our mini Halloween party.  It was an excuse for us to hang out in costumes.  It wasn't really a party party or anything.  I didn't have a costume so I took my friend's lead and put on a corset, skirt, and did my hair and makeup all crazy.  Some people left around 10 to head to New Beginnings, others stayed later.  We bought simple foods so I didn't have to slave over the stove, which was awesome.  Ryan helped to clean up food, and I cleaned up the dishes this morning.  We combined our efforts to take down our Halloween decorations.  I kind of want to make silly little November crafts...things like you make in elementary school because the only decorations we have are little gourds.  2" diameter little.  

Today was spent cleaning, napping, hanging out with Diane and Nathaniel, finishing the desk repairs (it was poorly assembled), setting up our new computer space, and making dinner.  We are absolutely loving the new desk space.  It's much more sturdy and has more room so it looks well organized and put together.  I will also have legitimate desk space for studying when I go back to school.  The most uncomfortable room in the house suddenly became quite comfy.  The cat even likes it better.

Ryan wanted chicken pot pie so that is in the oven right now.  I am going to try my hardest to clean as I go as I know it will prove to be most efficient when my time will be consumed with studying.  In efforts to start on the right foot, I filled the sink with hot soapy water and dropped my used dishes in as I finished with them during dinner prep.  At the end of cooking, I washed, rinsed, put them in the drainer, and wiped down the counters while dinner was (and still is) cooking.  Now all I'll have to do is wash the plates/bowls we use for eating, woo!

Kitten has been over the top adorable today.  It's ridiculous.  She has been following us around the house and sleeping close by, whether it's on the couch, the kitchen floor, the back of the computer chair, in the floor by the desk.  It doesn't matter.  When she isn't sleeping, she's begging for attention.  So cute!

Diane had a dream that Ryan bought me four puppies.  I'd be happy with just one!  In fact, I think that's all I could handle.  But, it was a dream.  No puppies here :(

I've been having weird dreams this weekend.  They combine Dr. Who style directing and character profiles (not the exact characters), coworkers, and unfamiliar buildings.  It's all very weird and disturbing.  I'll be glad to get tomorrow over with.  

As far as eating goes, it seems that when I follow my calories to a T, I won't lose much if anything, but in splurging during Halloween and loosely logging my food, I've suddenly dropped a pound or so.  I triple and quadruple checked the scale, putting in different positions, on different surfaces, and it reads the exact same, within .2 lbs, two days in a row.  Strange, but I'm not complaining :)  

I hope you guys had a good weekend!  Here's to an awesome week!

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