Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sleeping troubles.

It's no mystery that I have horrible sleep patterns.  Any one of my friends can tell you this.  Ryan naps after work so I get bored and sleepy and nap, then I'm up late, go to sleep, but can't sleep straight through the night no matter how tired I am.  Some nights I'm so sleepy I end up crashing on the couch, impossible to wake up.  Sometimes I purposely go to sleep on the couch and consciously tell myself to wake up in a few hours because Ryan will want me to come to bed for...snuggles...which keeps me up later than I want and then I get grumpy and have more broken, sucky sleep.  It's a horrible cycle (mental, I think).  I feel bad crashing early because Ryan is usually up much later than I am and I feel like I don't spend enough time with him, but when I crash early, I'm up at 3 or 5 am.

I was SO excited last night because I got to crash early-ish.  About 12 or 1 or so.  It was lovely.  Ryan was exhausted so I rubbed his back till he went to bed.  I turned off all of the kitchen lights so it was complete darkness.  So wonderful.  I only had a little trouble falling asleep because of the burn on my shoulders.  I thought I was going to get a good night's rest.  I was wrong.  I woke up at some point to complete silence and hardly any covers because Ryan had stolen them all in his impossible to wake state, so I pulled a corner free and covered the best I could.  It was way too cold for just a corner so I pulled for more covers with no success.  I guess I fell back asleep because I woke up to a beep and was suddenly surrounded by the sound of all of the electronics at once.  This made me realize that it was so quiet because the power had gone out.

I finally managed to get some blanket from Ryan, but then I realized that because the power went out, my alarm clock needed resetting, but I didn't know what time it was so I went to crash on the couch with my own  blanket and my phone that doesn't require a plug in the wall to wake me up.  Turns out it was 3am...figures.  I crash and keep waking up every hour until it was time to wake up.  Even with last night's series of events, I feel mostly well rested.  Although, I'll probably go home and cuddle/nap with my cat just because the house is clean and I have the time to enjoy the relaxation instead of feeling like I need it or I'm gonna die.  Ten minutes then I get to go battle the heat to get home.  Yay, for no a/c in the car and vinyl seating.  /sarcasm

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