Monday, July 30, 2012

Do you smell that?

Yes, that:

That would be my skin burning to a crisp :(...the word crisp might be and exaggeration.  I typically spend about 15 minutes outside, unprotected, because it's healthy for vitamin D and such.  Pruning my tomatoes apparently took more than my usual 15 and I ended up with a nicely developed looks worst than that in real life...or maybe it's just developed a bit more since the picture.  I'm one of those crazies that wears sunscreen in the middle of winter.  I haven't shown a burn like this in almost six years.  Last time I burned it was sun poisoning and I vowed to never go without protection again.  Well, like I said, tomatoes needed more pruning than I thought and I didn't notice the burn until I rolled off the couch after a nap.  Oy, then I noticed it big time >.<  My dear husband was nice enough to help me by soaking my back with witch hazel <3

My mom tried to give me the whole "Amanda, you need to be careful.  You know cancer runs in the family" yada yada yada, as if I was TRYING to sport a tan or something.  Reprimanding me on Facebook of all places, like I'm 13 ;)  I understand her concern, but one day (not even a whole 30 minutes...yea, I should break it down into minutes) out of six years is 0.0004% of the time that I've been out long enough to burn.  I'm not going to the tanning bed every week.  Another thing to note in regards to family history of cancer is that they DID spend time in tanning beds and time out in the sun without protection for years (oh, the decades!) AND they smoke.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the odds of recovery and repair from spending 0.0001% (minutes, baby) of my time in the sun are in my favor.  I love my mom and generally value her advice, but I think her reaction is a little dramatic this time.  

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