Friday, July 27, 2012

I hadn't planned on posting again since my last post was so long, but this is something that hits me really hard.  As an animal lover and cat owner, this sickens me to the core.  I say "owner" loosely because everyone who has pets knows that you share your household with them as family.  They CHOOSE to be with us and love us.  We can't make them follow us around the house obsessively, and we can't make them be lap animals.  They choose to do these things out of love and companionship with their humans.

These actions posted in this article really make me hate human beings.  I know not all people do this to animals, and that there are truly loving and caring people out there.  But, how can so many heartless people STILL exist?!  More so, why do they think that we need to test on animals?!  The way I see it, is that most basic ingredients in all of our products aren't new.  If we feel the "need" to test for potential dangers then we probably, as organic, natural beings, shouldn't be using is it anyway.  Most testing is done to check for reactions to ingredients of chemical laden products.  We shouldn't be using chemicals in products anyway.

In regards to research for diseases, etc, we shouldn't subject animals (helpless creatures) to that exposure.  Animals they use in testing aren't human or even relative to human and so, not only can they not agree or disagree to the experiments, but the results aren't even accurate because products react differently on people than they do on animals.  Human beings should be used for accuracy and for the fact that they can CHOOSE to volunteer.

I can't think straight anymore.  I'm sure there are other opinions on the subject so my anger might be "irrational" to some.  I am also not holding up well after only three hours of sleep and I think it's making me emotional.  I've had to correct so many typos.  I will probably read both of today's posts later and ask myself "WTF" :P

End rant.

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