Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, Monday.

I was so not ready for you.  Sleep has been awful this weekend.  Friday night we went to one of our favorite local restaurants, then we decided it was a good night to go the park!  Yay!  Or not.  We got kicked out.  We were unaware of hours because 1.) There's no gate indicating closure, 2.) There are no hours posted (really, they're morons), and 3.) We've been to the very same park I don't know how many times at the same time (11pm, just fyi) and it's never been a freaking issue before.  I probably wouldn't be so mad if the Johnson City police weren't all douche bags who assume that only juvenile delinquents hang out at the park at night...because you know, the few of us sitting at a picnic table chatting and keeping to ourselves in a lighted pavilion TOTALLY qualifies as delinquent behavior...idiots.  Then officer ho hum had the nerve to ask if we had left a pizza box in another area of the park.  We wear bright clothes, we're all well kept, and we aren't covered in tattoos/piercings/brightly colored hair/etc.  WTF.  Johnson City, TN is officially the lamest city ever for nerds who can't sleep at night.

Saturday was pretty good.  We went to a local comic con.  I sported my star fleet attire.

Also, the puppets were a hit.  Oh, I haven't told you.  My husband and his friends produce a mini web series.


Click "episodes" on the left hand side.  Geeky, Invader Zim type humor.  Hope you enjoy!

Anyway, dinner consisted of hot dogs (no bun because buns have refined carbs and just because I prefer no bun...but the carb things has stopped my husband from nagging me about it), steak, homemade mac and cheese (not as many carbs as I thought there'd be, so I HAPPILY splurged for this one (was still under my daily carb goal), baked beans (I ate a whopping table spoon), green beans, and chili (which I opted out of since I had beans, but had some for leftovers the next day).  My friend thought the steak was too pink (I love a medium steak...none of that charred nonsense) so I promised him that if he died from the overly pink steak, that I'd host the best funeral ever...because it's probably one of the best steaks he'll ever have.  I finished my book at 3:30/4am and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

I don't usually like shopping.  I love the idea of shopping and getting new clothes and what have you, but shopping is not fun for me at my current size, but we had super cash for Old Navy so my husband took me shopping.  A good friend of ours told me he has to be more pushy toward me because I shouldn't go without clothes and it should be an enjoyable experience.  I'm glad she told him this (behind my back, btw) because I ACTUALLY  enjoyed yesterday.  I found pants that I like and a new shirt and he was super patient and didn't nag at my insecurities.  For the record, he really likes shopping so he was more than thrilled to help me find clothes.  And, the greatest part, is that he always gives and honest opinion.  It was a very sweet, couple focused day <3

Today isn't particularly exciting yet.  I'm quite sleepy still (last night's sleep sucked, too) so I'm hoping for a nap when I get home.  We'll see.

Have a good day, all!


  1. Congrats on your weight loss this week! That is fantastic, keep it up. Reading your blogs, you sound like such a fun person, someone who I would totally get along with. You have a great personality, never lose it! :)

    1. Thanks! :D I wish you lived closer! I'm always looking for more people to hang out with!...especially those with weight loss goals to keep my sane while no one else here is "dieting" :(

  2. Awesome Amanda!! Go girl!! the trek attire pic!!