Monday, July 30, 2012

Rant! :D

Onto another topic of annoyance for peeve, really.  Crossing the street!!  In this case, MY response will be a little dramatic :P  At work, I (all employees) have to park across a sometimes busy road in a church parking lot because our parking is very, MAYBE 15 spots for donors...I've never actually counted.  Anyhoo, we park across the street to give our donors more available parking...something about customer service.  Here's my attempt at a poorly drawn diagram:

The stick figure on the corner is me waiting for the main road to be clear.  There are no crosswalks.  You just cross when it's clear.  As a pedestrian, because there is no crosswalk, it is MY responsibility to cross when clear and to yield to traffic because it's a main road, not a traffic light.  The annoyance comes when people stop in the middle of the road and signal for me to cross!  They don't have a stop sign and I'm not making moves to cross.  I'm just standing there and they stop (or people at the stop sign to my left wait and make things awkward as well).  I understand that they're trying to be nice, but it's their right of way, NOT mine!!!  It especially gets annoying when there are other cars behind them who actually know the laws and know how to drive and now they're getting frustrated because the moron in front of them just stopped traffic to let some pedestrian, who doesn't have the right of way, cross the road.  If I'm particularly irritated by the situation that day I'll look the other way and ignore them, or I'll blatantly turn around and walk back up the hill.  Childish, I know, but people need to learn how to drive...and how to use turn signals.

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