Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whole30 and Other Things

Tomorrow I am joining a friend on a journey.  Trying to fix things around me isn't going to happen if I don't try to fix the stuff I am eating.  This won't be a baby step, though.  This is going to be a 30 day journey of jumping straight into the cleanest possible eating.  I am excited to feel further empowered.  Here is a link if you'd like to join us!

I am not buying the book or anything.  The website is extremely helpful on its own, and there are plenty of internet resources for recipes.

The only thing that really been stressing me out lately (and killing that empowerment) is our financial situation.  Every pay period we risk overdraft.  It's a battle of hoping that nothing hard posts onto the account until Wednesday or Thursday depending on which pay period it is.  And then we can't catch up or start relatively fresh because we've already having to deduct previous transactions on our most recent income.  It is terrifying, not to mention unhealthy.  If things don't look up at work I may have to look for a job closer to home (my least preferred option), ask to transfer back to my previous location (please, no), and/or move out of our house that we love so much (I don't want a sucky landlord and neighbors again *cry*).

All of this would be solved by moving to Texas, but we're not quite ready for that yet.  We look very forward to it, yes, but all of our friends are still here and we want to spend as much time with them as possible before we all leave the area.  There is even less to do where we're going that there is to do here, and we're not entirely ready to settle down that much.  I can't wait for the longer growing seasons so I can (hopefully) be mostly self sufficient in growing my own produce, have chickens, and all.  I can't wait to be able to afford to go back to school.  But, we're young, and we've got time.  I don't know how long it'll be before we go, but I know it'll be soon enough so I plan to at least try and enjoy the time we have here, financial stress and all.

At the moment, finances aside, I have three major tasks ahead of me.  I may have mentioned them, but if I have they still aren't done because they're not imperative to my survival in life so they keep getting put off, usually to hang out with the friends, etc.

The Camry needs to be cleaned.  The trunk is full of random odds and ends, including cardboard boxes, expired, but still edible, tortillas from Taco Bell (though I won't be eating them on Whole30), and water guns from the past several summers (they've been in there for the past several years).

The garage needs to be cleaned out.  It isn't much of a garage (no door, no interior walls, dirt floor, falling apart), but at least it could look more clean.  There is trash in which I can't remember its origin, old boxes, and it's ill organized.

Last, but certainly not least as it should improve the exterior of our house, is the flower bed.  There are no flowers.  It's all crabgrass, clay and weeds.  It would very difficult to fix so I plan to gut it, lay weed cloth, refill with good dirt, and start fresh.  This will still be difficult, but a fresh start is more satisfying that looking at, and trying to sanely maintain, the problem foundation.  I am sure this will provide time to continue testing the coconut oil sunscreen :)

I'm going to go play in the dirt now <3

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