Friday, April 12, 2013

SO Happy the Day is Over

It wasn't a "bad" day necessarily.  I wasn't really in a bad mood.  I just couldn't function as a human being.  I made careless mistakes at work, bumped into too many people, dropped things, couldn't write correct words or dates, could speak properly, and just sucked at living.

I spent three days this week in the sun and received copious amounts of rays.  I didn't all.  I make dinner tonight and I burn my finger with boiling water that ran down a wooden spoon.  It blistered immediately.  I've got it covered in aloe vera gel and coconut oil.  It's the middle finger on my right hand...on my first digit knuckle...right where it bends.  Sticking fingers at work tomorrow is going to be awful.

On a positive note, my coworkers kept me mostly cheery, I didn't have to close, I took a nap when I got home, and dinner was amazing.  Oh, and my homemade deodorant is still working wonders.  I'm trying really hard to smell a fault and I just can't find one.

Ryan's mom is visiting soon.  I'm super excited.  I miss that woman <3

I forgot to mention that I made my own automatic dishwasher powder in yesterday's post.  I'm still trying to work out kinks in the recipe.  Our dishwasher never really did all that great with cleaning, even with really "good" commercial brands.  It does better with the homemade, but not wonderful.  I still end up washing my drinking glasses by hand.

It is time to cuddle and watch Futurama.  It's so much better now that I've seen the first episode.  It actually makes sense and doesn't just look plain stupid.

I wish I had a more informative post for you.  I bet you're surprised that you actually get three posts this week ;)

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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