Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Do It

This week has felt much more mentally stable than last week's episodes of panic and anxiety. I decided that, since I now have super comfy athletic shoes, that I may try jogging. Tonight proved to be the perfect night to make the attempt as Melody was acting a fool and going crazy. I'm pretty sure this dog charges like a battery in this cold weather. I started to think about jogging, but started to actually jog before I had a chance to convince myself to wait until next time, and you know what? I didn't die. I actually kind of enjoyed it. I didn't do much. But I did it. I alternated walking and jogging. In total I only managed about a third of a mile, but it's a start. 

I have also been participating in a squat challenge for the month of February so if you see #loveyourbutt anywhere that's simply stating that I did my squats that day, sometimes more.  I've been fighting a headache for two days. Today it was accompanied by some nausea that progressed throughout the day. I ended up doing my squats at work, dress pants and all, just in case I ended up with a full blown migraine and couldn't complete them tonight. After work I found proper medication and some gel cooling pads for the back of my neck. They worked wonderfully and I felt like a million bucks by time I got home, hence the jogging. 

I made steel cut oats for breakfast. I added much more water than it called fo so they would be super porridge-y. I added a little vanilla, brown sugar, and coconut milk for extra satiety. It tasted like marshmallows! I totally wasn't expecting that, but I certainly didn't complain.  I grew tired of rolled oats a long time ago so I'm excited to find a way to make steel cut oats to my liking so I can cook a large batch at the start of the week along with boiling some eggs for grab and go breakfasts. Baby steps, yes?

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  1. Now if we can somehow fit three kids in my two-seater jogging stroller (+1 for safety!) we can run together!