Monday, February 2, 2015

It Takes Two to Tango

Unless you're my cat. Then it takes one. We are still battling Tango's allergy problems.  I plan to take him to the vet when our tax returns come in to make sure it isn't something new. It's been about seven years since he's been. Perhaps they have a treatment that doesn't risk heart failure now? I doubt it. Veterinary medicine and research doesn't seem to advance as quickly as human research. My best friend gave us a Thunder Shirt. It certainly keeps him from tearing himself apart, but I'm afraid to take it off. He gets obsessive about cleaning and reopens it. Every time. It sucks. Here's a photo of where we came from. It was in, he had a what appeared to be gaping hole in his side. It's mostly better now, but not 100%. 

Melody is a total fluff ball now that winter is here. 

Melody during the summer, heading into autumn:

Melody now:

I had to loosen her collar because of all the fluff! Love it. In regards to this winter, it's been really mild compared to last year. I hope it stays that way. I am *not* feeling the drawn out snow this year!

I finally bought good athletic shoes and layers so I've been able to walk in the cold. Oh, and a head collar for Melody's pulling. What used to be a chore is now something I look forward to doing. It's great!  

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