Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Teeth and Playing in Dirt

Hopefully...sort of.  Here are a couple of links to save me having to explain.

You can also Google remineralizing toothpaste, etc.

The basics: Teeth are bones.  Why would a broken bone elsewhere in the body be able to heal, but not your teeth?  Ryan has super sensitive teeth, we are both prone to cavities, and I don't like the ingredients in commercial toothpastes.  So we've switched up our routine!

I started brushing with activated charcoal, calcium/magnesium powder, and we bought Earth Paste which is a toothpaste made from water, clay and essential oils.  No fluoride, no glycerin, no creepy chemicals. I love it so far.  Mr. Picky even got a good first impression.  My teeth feel cleaner, and my teeth are whiter already...only 3 days in.  As far as sensitivity problems, I'll give you Ryan's update in a few weeks.

He was using Sensodyne, but studies show that it covers the problem and doesn't actually cure or heal it.  There is also potential evidence to show that fluoride promotes bone decay and that glycerin has a negative impact on natural remineralization.  Diet is also important as foods high in phytic acid, starch, and sugar feeds bacteria and promotes cavities and poor dental health.  People in 3rd world countries have better dental health than the millions of us with regular access to a dental professional.  They do not have fluoride or fancy toothpaste.  They have a diet low in grain and nature to assist them.  It's another one of those marketing gimmicks.  Companies aren't there to love you or care for you.  They just want your money.

I may be wrong, and I will let you know how this works for us.  I will also give you an update after my next cleaning because it never fails that I have horrendous amounts of plaque to be scraped off.

Onto pulling morning glories.  At the start of spring I took all of my pots of dirt and dumped them onto a tarp.  I used the tarp to mix compost into this dirt, and then I redistributed the dirt back into the pots.  Last year my crop wasn't that great because the nutrients had been used up so I thought this would help the dirt quality.  It certainly looks nice and dark again vs the pale grey it was before.  It even drains better.

Anyway, some of my pots were on the porch where morning glories were growing and the seeds fell into the dirt.  The seeds began sprouting in the pots, now in the back yard, so I needed to pull them.  I discovered tomato and pepper plants when I went to pull the morning glories!  I didn't plant least, not intentionally.  I guess there were seeds from plants that we let rot on the vine last year.  I'm surprised they grew because of all the dirt mixing and combining.  Nature is freaking awesome like that.  I found roughly 15 plants growing.  I tried to carefully separate them into 3 different pots.  I really hope I didn't damage the roots too much.  I watered them pretty good afterward because they were a little limp, too.

I still need to dig up the flower bed.  It's terribly frustrating to look at.

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