Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spend Time on Things that Matter

Me, last night: I don't have to be at work until 12:30pm tomorrow so I can stay up as late a 4am to read my book if I want! :D

12:30am: WHY am I so sleepy?!?!

Then yesterday flashed before my eyes:
5 am: Wake up.
6 am: Leave for work
7 am: OSHA meeting at work
7:45 am: Begin working my regular shift.
6:30 pm: Leave work and go to the grocery store.
7:30 pm: Home! I immediately start working on dinner and open my bottle of wine.
7:45 pm: First friend shows up.  I offer her wine.  She only drinks a glass so I finish off the bottle by 8:15 (because it tasted like juice.  It was great).
8:30 pm: More people show up.
Lost track of time: Eat dinner, clean the kitchen, watch hilarious YouTube videos.  I dance with my friend to one of the lip sync battle videos we're watching (I <3 salsa dancing).  Played with the dog (and the cat because she's jealous).  People leave after many hugs.

At this point (12:30am when I was questioning my level of sleepiness) I had to convince myself that my book will still be there and that it's okay if I don't finish it because I was really stressed about it (I'm SO close to the end!!!).  But, really, I wouldn't have remembered what I read in my sleepy stupor anyway.

Also, not being able to finish the book was totally worth it.  Time spent with good friends is definitely time well spent.  Love them all so much ^-^

Super much fun with so many laughs! <3

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